Our Clergy


Fr. Jordan Bradshaw, O.P. - Director

Fr. Jordan Bradshaw, OP, grew up in Southern Arizona, the eldest and favorite of three children, born to Charles and Elvia Bradshaw. His sisters, Rachelle and Melissa, have not forgiven their parents because of this.

His favorite animal is the Wildcat, and he entered the University of Arizona for the sole reason that it was their mascot. He also likes other animals: dogs, ravens, and eagles. He has a hard time believing God created spiders.

His behavior in high school generally scared people, so he decided to study psychology to see if there was any validity to their fears. He minored in Italian because meatballs are one of his favorite foods – thank God chicken chow mien was a close second.

It was during his college years that many of his friends thought he completely lost his mind and sense of direction when he started spending too much time at the Catholic Newman Center at the U of A. By the end of his junior year he decided to pursue a calling that had tugged at his heart as a child: priesthood. He entered the Dominican Order after graduating from the University of Arizona in 1983. He was ordained a priest after eight years of study in the seminary.

Fr. Jordan returned to Seattle in 2009 to help at Blessed Sacrament Church and in July he was named Director at the University of Washington Newman Center.

Today he spends most his days doing what he loves best: being a priest and a Dominican, serving at the Newman Center, and preaching. He also likes reading big books, especially novels, watching football and soccer, and drinking copious amounts of coffee to accomplish all of this.

Oh, by the way, because he and St. Dominic love dogs so much, Fr. Jordan is confident that he won’t have any problems liking “Huskies.” Go, Dawgs!

You can reach Fr. Jordan through email at FrJordan@uwnewman.org


Fr. Marcin Szymanski, O.P. - Assistant Director

Fr. Marcin Szymański O.P. (both name and surname rather unpronounceable but you can try with “Marchin,’ like marching, without the g…), a native of Poland, joined the staff in the Summer of 2015.

During high-school he started attending Dominican Youth Ministry in his native Warsaw. He liked it so much that he joined the Dominican Friars just after the high school at the age of 19. During his studies for a year lived in Dublin, Ireland. He returned to Ireland after his ordination, to serve the Polish community in Ireland. In 2013 he was moved to Seattle, where he served as Associate Pastor at our Blessed Sacrament Parish. From there he slowly crept into the Newman Center, and he is excited to begin his ministry here!

Fr. Marcin likes hiking, books, games (computer, board, card etc.).

You can reach Fr. Marcin through email at FrMarcin@uwnewman.org

Permanent Staff


Judy Allvin - Administrator

The Allvin family has ministered in various capacities where ever they settled. Whether in Hawaii or Arizona or Seattle, they always kept close to the Church. Serving at the Newman Center is just another manifestation of a common family trait. With a background in art and design, Judy brings a wealth of talent and an always fresh look to the ministry. Although much of her work involves phones and scheduling, you will also find Judy creating displays, decorating worship space, helping with retreats, entertaining guests and a world of other efforts that affect the entire community.

The grunt work of the front office is turned into a ministry of grace and virtue as she greets students, visitors and other staff members with her characteristic good humor and charm. Anyone can tell you that if you really want something to get done, go to Judy. If she cannot get it done she will certainly find someone who will.

You can reach Judy through email at Judy@uwnewman.org for general information, calendaring, scheduling Mass intentions, and most anything!


Dayn Warren, '04 - Development Director

Dayn was born at Overlake hospital in Bellevue and was raised in Kirkland, North Bend, Bellevue (Crossroads) and Snohomish. He grew up in a family of Husky Fans and alumni, but never thought he would go to college, opting instead to do youth ministry and international missions. After 6 years post high school of doing just that in the US, Canada, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand and the Phillippines, an unforeseen event in Sept. 2001 sent him from living in Hawaii back to Seattle with an opportunity to pursue higher education.

Always in a hurry, Dayn graduated cum laude from the University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies in 2004 with a degree in Comparative Religion in less than two and a half years. Having long been interested in religious and Biblical studies, especially the early Church Fathers, and experiencing a growing discontent with the Evangelical Protestantism of his youth, in 2011 he joined RCIA at Blessed Sacrament. As he asked all of his tough questions, and explored his waning objections, he learned that most of his beliefs were already far more Catholic than he thought. He realized that God was calling him home. On October 13th, 2012, on the feast day of his patron saint (and 1st cousin 40x removed) St. Edward the Confessor, he was welcomed into full communion with the Catholic Church.

Dayn was married to his beautiful wife Melanie in 2005 at Blessed Sacrament and they have two amazing daughters. When not spending time with his family, exploring the Catholic faith, or fund-raising, Dayn enjoys playing and building electric guitars and working on his house.

You can reach Dayn through email at Dayn@uwnewman.org for help fulfilling your philanthropic dreams!


Bayli Hochstein, '13 - Campus Minister

Though born in Texas, Bayli Hochstein grew up in the small town of Deming, Washington (just East of Bellingham) with her parents and two siblings. As a middle child, Bayli often found herself wanting to stand out; her brother was a hard act to follow! She became very active in extracurriculars throughout junior and senior high school - participating in fastpitch, basketball, choirs, musicals, Honor Society, FFA, and even attending Philips Exeter Academy during the summer.

However, it wasn’t until she became fully active in her youth group at St. Joseph in Ferndale that she felt at peace.

Inspired by her then-Youth Minister Joan Williamson, Bayli participated in her first mission trip to Eugene, Oregon, through Catholic Heart Work Camp. Since then, Bayli has participated in two mission trips a year. I guess you could call her a “Mission trip junkie!”

Upon arriving at the University in 2008, Bayli was immediately drawn to the Newman Center by the well-known “Hey Catholics, We’re Over Here!” banner and friendly students during Dawg Daze. That same year, she joined the Freshman Group and has since served as Co-Chair of Evangelization and Outreach, Peer Minister, Intern for Campus Ministry, and the Student Ministry Coordinator. She is now happily serving as the Campus Minister of the Newman Center! Bayli looks forward to all aspects of Campus Ministry, and is particularly excited about the VERITAS small groups program that began in 2013.

This Catholic Husky graduated from the University of Washington in June of 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Italian and Comparative Religion. These two programs offered her the chance to intensively study the two things that interest her the most: language and religion. Little did she know, Bayli got to explore her faith and learn about the history of the Catholic Church through required classes such as Medieval Italian poetry, the History of Christianity, and Christianity in Modernity.

Besides the Newman Center, Bayli also loves to use her hands to create - from calligraphy, ceramics and flower arrangements to building house frames, decks, and the occasional pig pen. She is a country girl at heart although admits to enjoying the amenities city-life provides, particularly sidewalks and the diversity of languages. Besides English, Bayli loves speaking in Italian and Spanish, and is currently working on Latin (probably should have learned that first!) and French.

Bayli is very grateful for all that the Newman Center has provided her, particularly the life-long friendships she’s made and the opportunity to grow in faith through retreats, RCIA, and conversation with members of the community. She hopes to give back to the Newman Center all that she has been given, and asks for prayers for a successful ministry!

You can reach Bayli through email at Bayli@uwnewman.org to get involved in the ministry! Sign up for a retreat, join a small group, and consider serving on the Student Ministry Team.


Amira Davis, '11 - Young Professional and                                               Graduate Student Minister

Are you interested in joining our Grad and Young Professionals group, Frassati? Click on this link here!

You can reach Amira through email at Amira@uwnewman.org


Shannon Crowley - Administrative Assistant

You can reach Shannon through email at Shannon@uwnewman.org for calendaring and help updating your gift schedule.