Student Ministry Team

There are many ways to get involved at Newman.  Much of our programming and operations revolve around the activities and vision of our Student Ministry Team, a group comprised of undergraduate students who are passionate about campus ministry.

The Newman Center Student Ministry Team has existed since the first day of Newman’s existence in 1908.  For the past 100+ years, the undergraduate students serving on the team have managed much of Newman’s dynamic and engaging programs.  Each year, the creativity of the students, their passion for serving others, and their deep faith, inspire them to do all they can to make Newman a true home away from home for students.

The Student Ministry Team is made up of a number of different committees, each tasked with specific responsibilities and goals.  To name a few, have you heard of the Newman Formal dance, Lunches for the Homeless, the Christmas party, Newman Sports?  Yup – that’s all the Student Ministry Team! Meeting monthly to plan events, activities, and services, the team works with the staff and peer ministers to ensure students are being given every opportunity to engage their faith. 

Take some time to learn about each and see how they impact the ministry.  Do you see yourself serving?  If you’re interested in getting involved or learning more about their activities, be sure to register or contact our Campus Minister, Bayli Hochstein.

Student Ministry Team Committees