Social Justice Committee

Mission Statement

To build our community through the expansion of social justice and service opportunities by living out the seven Corporal Works of Mercy.

Contact Info

For further information on our Social Justice Committee, contact Bayli Hochstein

Committee Members

Annel G.

I'm excited to work in such a united community and to take part in expanding it to other students who seek a welcoming place away from home. 

Danica B.

What I am looking forward to on SMT this year is to making new friendships in the Newman community while growing in our faith together as we do service for the community and the students.

Kimberly B.

I am excited to meet all the people in SMT and for all the great times we will have. I love that God is bringing us all together for the greater good. 

Kenny P.

What I'm looking forward to on SMT is being able to work with all of my old and new friends towards serving our community here at the University of Washington.