2013 Rosary Sunday: Set the World on Fire for Christ!

2013 Rosary Sunday & Mission West Campaign from Western Dominican Friars on Vimeo.

Each year the Western Dominican Provice asks us to join together on Rosary Sunday and invest in the student Dominicans. This appeal provides critical funds for our House of studies at St. Albert Priory. This is where your future Dominican friars study, pray, and prepare themselves for ministry.

Special for this year is an additional effort for the Mission West Campaign. This campaign will protect our long term commitments to forming new Dominicans by providing medical care for our elderly friars and enhancing our Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Oakland.

Fr. Jordan will give a presentation on October 20th on how you can help our Dominican friars set the world on fire for Christ. Please prayerfully consider how you can respond to our appeal this year.

Please email Dayn or Hien if you have any questions, or go to opwest.org to learn more. Thank you!