Our Frassati Young Professionals and Graduate Student program kicked off the new school year with our annual Fall retreat, “The Good, The Bad, The SAINTS: learning to live the beatitudes”! We traveled a little south to Gig Harbor where we stayed at our favorite old mansion cabin for a beautiful weekend. Guided by talks and discussed in small groups, retreatants learnedmore about how we are to carry out the beatitudes in our daily lives.  We had talks interspersed with fun recreation time playing pool, foosball, karaoke, football, ping pong just to name a few- as well as chanting the Divine Office prayers and mass.

Saturday night we took a little trip down to Point Defiance Park where we played ball on the beach and explored some trails in the woods (even found a secret rope swing in the middle of the woods)!

It was a wonderful time for relaxation, faith building, and community! Make sure to join us for the Spring Frassati retreat! 


Chronicles of Search: 2015

On February 20th over 65 Newmanites headed to the Lakeview Christian Retreat Center in Auburn for the annual SEARCH retreat. The retreat this year, titled Chronicles of Search, was fashioned after C.S Lewis’ timeless biblical allegory “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Guided by the Peer Ministers, Bayli and a fantastic team of retreat leaders, the SEARCHers were led into the magical world of Narnia on a weekend long retreat intended to bring them to a better understanding of themselves, each other, and God.

SEARCH is one of the most interesting events that Newman holds because it is a well-kept secret. No one really knows what goes on at SEARCH except for people who have been on the retreat before, and you can only go one time because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The impact of SEARCH is better felt when it is filled with wonderful surprises, although this does make it hard to describe in a public place such as this. What can be said is that SEARCH is powerful, life changing, and unforgettable. It is an important milestone in many participants’ faith lives, often handing them tools to better integrate God into their lives as busy college students. The undergraduates who participate in the SEARCH retreat are a part of the future of the Church and our faith. That’s why it is so beautiful that they are given an opportunity like SEARCH to grow more confident in that faith that they are handed to grow and transform with.

The Chronicles of Search 2015 was a success in many ways. We hope that this years’ group of fabulous SEARCHers will continue to be a part of Newman’s vibrant community, sharing in God’s love and the magic of SEARCH together for the rest of their undergraduate career, and into the future as well.

Frassati Fall Retreat

Two weeks ago, we took 37 graduate students and young professionals on a retreat titled "To Praise, To Bless, To Preach: Deepening Your Faith Through Dominican Spirituality". Through a series of eight talks by Dominican friars, a member of the Dominican laity, and fellow young adults, these retretants explored the four pillars our beloved priests use to balance their spiritual lives: prayer, community, study, and apostolate. They also gained some insight into how to apply these pillars to their own lives to bring them closer to Christ, and spent some time building up their own young adult community through games, movies, marshmellow roasting, and other fellowship. This retreat got us so excited to kick off another year of ministry to grads and young professionals through our Frassati ministry! For more information on what Frassati is up to, click here