It's that time of year again, the time for our annual SEARCH Retreat!

Life can put several obstacles in between us and God. When we turn away from God, it is important to remember that though we may not feel, hear or see Him, He is always with us. That's why each year, we put on a retreat for our student community. Together we will spend the weekend SEARCHing for God who is the source and summit of all truth, our refuge, our home. This retreat focuses on finding Christ around and within you, and the journey towards becoming the best versions of ourself in Christ Jesus. 

From February 24-26th, the SEARCH retreat is an awesome, surprise-filled, life changing experience. At the beautiful Lakeview Retreat Center, get away from the stress of school, meet fantastic people, have a great time, and discover how Christ is working in your life. Spots are very limited though, so don't hesitate and sign up today!

For more details, and to register for the retreat, click HERE!