Disconnect to Reconnect: 2014 Undergraduate Retreat

Nov. 15-16 was the weekend of our first big retreat of the school year: Disconnect to Reconnect. The idea for the retreat was to disconnect from the stress of school and everyday life, and reconnect with God and our faith lives. The 6 peer ministers began planning this undergraduate retreat in August, so it was wonderful to see it finally come to life. There were about 40 students on the retreat, which was an intimate and good group. Three of the peer ministers, Mariam, Monica, and Andra, and Father Jordan gave talks. Then there were small group discussions and activities, all relating to the theme of Disconnect to Reconnect.

There’s something special about retreats.  Sometimes in the busyness of college students’ lives, the connection to God is lost. Students get into a rut without even noticing it, and so it’s necessary to let God interrupt the mundane rhythm in a big way, in order to get back on track, and to reconnect with Him. 

This undergrad retreat was just the way to do that for all the students that went.  We are all thankful for the community that God has given us in the Newman Center – a community we can laugh with, a community we can grow with, and most importantly – a community that always brings us back to God.  So thanks for a successful Undergraduate Retreat 2014! (Shout out to Tisa, Dan and Hiep for cooking delicious meals!!)