SHE Speaks: A Panel on Women and the Church

Last Thursday night Frassati put on a panel at the Newman Center to discuss women’s issues as people of the Body of Christ. The categories of questions were broad as this is the first event of this type we have put on but the panelists approached them with eloquence and grace. Some of the highlights were panelist insights on questions about labor issues, sexuality, and women in leadership. A good number of us attended, and the chapel was split pretty evenly between men and women. A heartfelt thank you to all of our brilliant, hard-working panelists (an artist, a lay Dominican/nurse, an executive of an architectural firm, a mom who left her doctoral studies in education to teach her kids, a UW lecturer in Chemistry, and our own Fr. Lukasz)! You have inspired us and enriched our conversations about these issues by sharing bits of your lives with us. Look forward to another lecture or panel next month!