First U-District Young Adult Mass

Last night, Frassati kicked off with our first monthly ‘Young Adult Mass’ at Blessed Sacrament Church and by all accounts it was a smashing success. We came together as young professionals and graduate students from in and around the U-District of Seattle to meet at the altar. There is something powerful about the way gathering to partake of the bread at the table of the altar in Mass, and then sitting and breaking bread afterwards at a meal binds us together. Christ’s ministry with his rag-tag group of young disciples certainly set a precedent for this, and, like our Lord, we had the opportunity to eat with and hear the stories of people from all along this narrow way we seek to walk (though nary a tax collector declared his/herself). The very simple pasta dinner was a hit and there are rumors of the November 2nd Young Adult Mass being followed by a South and South East Asian curry-palooza! Stay tuned here for more updates on the goings on of the people that are Frassati, but don’t stop at reading. Join us!