Freshman Retreat 2014: You've Got a Friend in Me

This past weekend, Saturday October 18th, the Freshman Group leaders welcomed 21 students to our annual Freshmen Retreat held at the Newman Center. The theme: “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” was a creative spin-off to Disney’s “A Toy Story.” It focused on giving the students a chance to come together in community. The retreat featured testimonies split up into various talks inspired by the different trials the leaders experienced themselves in college.

The first talk, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” explored the challenges the leaders experienced with community, and how the Newman community positively impacted them. The next talk, “There’s a Snake in my Boot,” focused on the temptations that are oftentimes faced in college and how to battle them. The talks ended with rooting the freshmen back into bringing all these challenges together and encouraging students to continue to pursue their relationship with Christ in the “To Infinity with God” themed talk. By using their own stories of struggles and triumphs, the leaders hoped to relate to and assure the students that they were not alone and always have this Newman community to lean on. These testimonies ended with small group breakout sessions where the freshmen got a chance to delve deeper into these topics together.

The first year of college is a very pivotal time, when students find themselves faced with many changes and new opportunities to get integrated into different communities.  The Freshmen Retreat with it’s many fun icebreakers, games, and small groups, hopefully provided a space for these students to grow in community, and in turn, in their faith.

The Freshman Group leaders will be hosting a Spring Retreat for freshmen May 9-10, 2015.

Thank you for your prayers!