Monica's Story

Catholic students at the University of Washington are bombarded by a culture that pressures them to abandon their faith. But you can help! By partnering with us, you’ll be giving students a spiritual home-away-from-home, and a refuge from culture’s storm. 

Monica, a freshman last year, shared with us how the Newman Center was a catalyst for change in her life. Raised Catholic, Monica attended Mass regularly but was just going through the motions – she didn’t talk to God or feel close to Him.

She went on the Newman Center Search Retreat and was amazed to see so many young people actively engaged in their faith – she wanted the same in her life! For the first time God became a present reality in her life. Without the Newman Center, she knows her college experience would have been different – she may have ended up enticed by the secular – instead she is on fire for Christ!

Each year we reach more students with the help of generous donors like you. It costs $750 each year to provide a place for each student to build their faith while putting it into action.  That’s why we need your help!

By making a gift today, you’ll be giving students like Monica the chance to embrace their faith as their own. You can make a difference today!