Fellowship Committee

Mission Statement

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Contact Info

Email: fellowship@uwnewman.org
For further information on our Fellowship Committee, contact Bayli Hochstein

Committee Members

Alejandra B.

What I'm looking forward to on SMT is getting to know more of the catholic community and building relationships with them through the love of God. Also, I am looking forward to being apart of the behind the scenes of what happens at Newman. 

Allisia R.

I am super excited to be on SMT this year and am looking forward to giving back to the UW community and getting students excited about the Catholic faith.

Brady T.

What I'm looking forward to as a member of the Fellowship SMT is to bring the community together for a great, fun time and hopefully help foster long-lasting friendships in the process.

Kim P.

I'm looking forward to meeting more people at Newman and getting to help out with Search.

Milo S.

 What I'm looking forward to on SMT is meeting new people and welcoming new members of our community.